Mood disturbance is a common side effect after epilepsy surgery. Few studies have examined mood disturbance in patients undergoing resections outside the temporal lobe (extratemporal resections). This study aimed to compare the early, postoperative evolution of mood disturbance in temporal and extratemporal lobe epilepsy patients to examine the side effect of surgical resection on mood outcome.

Before epilepsy surgery, both temporal and extratemporal patients had significant psychiatric histories with similarly high rates of depression (33 and 53%, respectively) and anxiety (23 and 18%, respectively). After surgery, significantly more temporal patients were seizure free at each of the reviews compared with extratemporal patients. Temporal patients also reported significantly higher levels of depression (26%), anxiety (42%), and psychosocial adjustment difficulties (64%) as after epilepsy surgery side effect. Mood disturbance was significantly associated with adjustment difficulties in both groups but was not related to seizure outcome at any review period.

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