What Are Signs Of Feline Lymphoma You Might Be Surprised

What Are Signs Of Feline Lymphoma You Might Be Surprised

Feline lymphoma is a cancer of the white blood cells, the most common kind of which—multicentric lymphoma—affects the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes. Other common forms include gastric, intestinal, renal, thymic, and spinal. It can also be found in the kidneys, eyes, central nervous system, nose, and skin. Unfortunately, feline lymphoma is not only deadly, but it’s also the most frequently diagnosed type of cancer among cats.

The specific signs and symptoms of lymphoma in cats vary by the type of lymphoma or the organs of the body that are affected. Here are the most commons symptoms.


  • Abnormalities with weight, appetite, and muscle loss—this is more common in older cats who usually form tumors in their intestines and have symptoms related to weight loss (also including vomiting).

  • Vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and dehydration—since these symptoms are common to other diseases and ailments, testing will need to be done to rule out other potential health problems.

  • Breathing difficulties—this is more common in young cats who develop masses in the chest, and is associated with mediastinal lymphoma. Fluid buildup is to blame and may also cause regurgitation.

  • Depression, lethargy, or being in a comatose state—these symptoms can be attributed to many health and behavioral problems, so any one by itself is not necessarily an indication of lymphoma.

  • Extreme body temperatures—affected cats may reach the polar ends of the spectrum with fever or hypothermia.

  • Growths and masses—in felines with lymphoma, you may find an unusual lump in the abdomen, enlarged lymph nodes, or a mass in the intestines or chest area.

  • Skin irritation—this cancer may cause redness and flakiness of the skin as well as ulcers on cats’ mouths and footpads.

If your cat is showing signs of any of these symptoms of lymphoma, be sure to seek medical attention right away: these issues could signal cancer.