"Breakthrough" Lung Cancer Drug Could Detect It Early And Stop From Spreading


Researchers have discovered a new drug that could potentially stop Lung Cancer and detect the disease before it spreads around the body.The breakthrough could pave way for life-saving treatments after Melbourne researchers from Hudson Institute of Medical Science identified an inflammation-causing molecule that triggers the deadly disease to spread to the lung.The drug, which is currently undergoing clinical human trials to fight inflammatory bowel disease in Europe, appears to shut the signalling system down that is responsible for developing lung cells, The Herald Sun reported.

The discovery could lead to new ways of blocking the disease – giving a glimmer hope to more than 12,000 Australians, who were diagnosed with Lung Cancer this year.Blood tests may help researchers find ways to detect the molecule Interleukin 6 or Il-6 and develop a drug that could prevent lung cells from passing on signals to grow in an uncontrolled way.Lead researcher Prof Brendan Jenkins said the screening could one day detect the abnormal cells in the body before the danger is switched on.’The beauty of the study we have done is that we have shown that yes, the molecule is increased in the blood and tissue biopsies, but importantly we have shown that if you target Il-6 and block it you will see a suppression of disease in Lung Cancer ,’ he said.