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10 Things You Can Do To Stop Thyroid Hair Loss In Women(10 was shocking)


Thyroid Hair Loss In Women can be considered a barometer of health because hair cells are some of the fastest growing in the body. When the body is in crisis, the hair cells can shut down to redirect energy elsewhere. The types of situations that can cause hair loss include hormonal changes, poor diet and nutritional deficiencies, a variety of medications, surgery, and many medical conditions, but noticeably, thyroid disease.Many people notice rapid Thyroid hair loss in women as a symptom of their hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.Interestingly, some people have actually written to tell me that their thyroid problem was initially “diagnosed” by their hairdresser, who noticed the change!Here are ten steps to take to tackle thyroid-related hair loss and balding.

1. Get an Evaluation:First, to deal with hair loss, before assuming it’s your thyroid, always have any hair loss evaluated by a dermatologist or hair loss expert to rule out any other causes such as infection. For a hair loss specialist, visit the American Hair Loss Council to find a doctor who focuses on hair loss.


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