Mistake #1 – Not tracking Your Pain

People with fibromyalgia disease are in constant pain. The problem is determining when that pain is better or worse. The best way that patients have found is to keep a pain diary. When you track your pain, you will discover certain patterns that seem to help with pain and others that make it worse. If you know when things are better, you can also figure out what made them better and what to do next time.

Mistake #2 – High Expectations Concerning Medications

There are only three drugs that are approved by the FDA for use with fibromyalgia disease. These drugs don’t work for everyone and they come with their own set of side effects. They can also be quite expensive. Therefore, learn to be flexible. You may have to try all three to get any good results or you may want to opt for alternative treatments in order to avoid side effects. Work together with your doctor to come up with a good treatment plan. This plan will probably include other forms of treatment besides medications. After all, treatment for fibromyalgia disease is not just in medicines. It’s a lifestyle

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