Patients Makes Mistakes By Using Inhalers, Limiting COPD Treatment Medications Effectiveness

In this study, we have been able to objectively measure the errors, and, using new technology, learn about their impact on drug delivery to the lungs.”Researchers assessed how patients used the inhalers, then built mathematical models of inhalation patterns. They reviewed how physicians and therapists evaluate inhaler use, and also created an artificial “throat” to mimic how patients use inhalers.The use of an inhaler requires precision, timing and coordination, and even the tiniest variation can significantly change the amount of COPD Treatment Medications inhaled.
In the second study, which involved 23 patients with asthma or COPD tratment, researchers identified at least one mistake in each patient. According to researchers, inhalers should be shaken for a few seconds before each puff, which is something many patients forget to do.Also, the angle at which the inhaler is held influences its use, as small deviations may cause the COPD Treatment Medications to stick to the tongue or mouth.After each puff, patients need to hold their breath for 10 seconds to let the COPD Treatment Medications travel to their lungs.
The artificial “throat” helped simulate the flow, duration and force used during different behaviors of inhalation. Using this machine, researchers were able to measure how much Copd Treatment Medications made it to the lungs according to the different scenarios in which patients make common mistakes.“The thing that matters the most is coordination,” said Rajoshi Biswas, author of the two studies.“It’s vital to start breathing just before or at the exact same time the inhaler is activated.


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