Patients Makes Mistakes By Using Inhalers, Limiting COPD Treatment Medications Effectiveness

Patients Make Mistakes Using Inhalers, Limiting COPD Treatment Medications Effectiveness
Metered-dose inhalers are a common device among patients with Lung cancer, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD Treated), but users may be doing it wrong and limiting the COPD Treatment Medications effectiveness by getting only half the medication they need, according to two studies from Rice University. One study, “Factors Determining In Vitro Lung Deposition Of Albuterol Aerosol Delivered By Ventolin Metered-Dose Inhaler,” was published in the Journal of Aerosol Drugs for COPD and Pulmonary Drug Delivery. The other, “Measuring Competence In Metered Dose Inhaler Use Using Capmedic Electronic Inhaler Monitoring Tool,” was published in the journal Chest.
COPD Treatment : The studies resulted from a collaboration between Rice research teams led by Ashutosh Sabharwal, a professor of electrical and computer engineering, and pulmonologist Nick Hanania. The teams sought to identify common errors associated with metered-dose inhalers and how they change the amount of medicine reaching patients’ lungs COPD Treatment .


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