Painful Symptoms That Could Be Early Signs of Menopause

Painful Symptoms That Could Be Early Signs of Menopause

Menopause is a natural period in the life of every woman. During this period the reproductive and menstrual functions die out. The onset of this stage for every woman is very individual, on average it starts after 45 years. However, the anxious thoughts about menopause symptoms start to visit women long before the first menopause signs appear.Here’s what happens to the female body with the onset symptoms of menopause.

1.You become more emotional: Hormonal changes cause non-ordinary reactions menopause symptoms. You can suddenly burst into tears when watching a usual TV show.

2. You crave for chocolate … all chocolate in the world: You always think about chocolate. Even when you are full, and ate sufficient of it, the desire to eat one more piece does not disappear.

3. You start gaining weight :Maybe it’s the result of the fact that you’ve just eaten twenty chocolate bars, or maybe your metabolism simply slow down. In any case, you start gaining weight too fast During menopause symptoms .

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4. Menopause Symptoms Mood swings: It’s either you fall into depression during menopause symptoms, or suddenly you start to shout and flare up on trifles. This condition is similar to the one which occurs in the human body during teenage years.

5. Insomnia: Almost all women face this menopause symptoms. It’s possible to cope with sleep conflict and insomnia taking some sedatives.

6. Memory blanks: You start to forget some things. For example, where you left the keys or what you need to buy in a store.

7. Fear is Symptoms of Menopause: After a while, you honestly begin to believe that your brain has left you forever. You begin to fear that your life is over.

8. Facial hair : During menopause symptoms, some women start to notice hair growth on their chin. It does not look very nice, but this procedure is easy to stop with the help of hormonal menopause symptoms treatment.

9. Increased sweating: During menopause symptoms the day you feel hot flashes and start to sweat. Sometimes it gets so hot that you’re ready to hide in a fridge.

10. You start saying everything that’s on your mind: You know that you should not say everything you think about, but you just can not stop. You speak and speak until you speak out.

11. Outbreaks of aggression: You can not restrain your emotions and react to everything quite forcefully.

12. Personal space: You do not like it when someone touches you or comes too close. You can get worried even after an innocent hug.

13. Fatigue:Hormonal alteration of the body is reflected in steady and fast fatigue menopause symptoms.

14. Puffiness :If you liked your little ankles, then it’s time to say goodbye to them. From now on your legs will not look so graceful. To reduce the growth, drink less in the evening.

15. Do you feel like you are going crazy?: Sometimes you really think that you are going crazy. In the end, you can not remember what happened this morning, and you URGENTLY need chocolate.

It’s possible that all of the above menopause symptoms may not start at once. Every woman is individual. But if you do not manage with them on your own, be sure to seek for medical help.


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