A Letter to all of the doctors that Misdiagnosed lymphoma Cancer:

It’s officially been one year since I went into respiratory failure. One year since I was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin’s lymphoma Cancer. One year since not only my life changed, but the lives of all of my friends and family changed. One year since I woke up in the ICU, after being transferred to Sylvester Comprehensive lymphoma Cancer Center, to Dr. Izidore Lossos, who essentially saved my life.

One year since I spent the majority of my 2016 undergoing salvage chemotherapy and radiation. One year since cancer was in every organ in my body, and I had absolutely no idea, and neither did you.I don’t think he even cared. I think he just wanted to go home, because it was late. If my mother didn’t make me go to the ER, I would have hopped on a flight to Vegas the next day. I would have been dead.

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