New Migraine Drug Is Like A Miracle For Sufferers

New Migraine Drug Is Like A Miracle For Sufferers

A New Migraine Drug may bring more migraine relief than two other migraine drugs, a new study shows.The New Migraine Drug, called Trexima, is a blend of the migraine drug Imitrex and the pain reliever naproxen sodium, which is found in drugs including Aleve, Anaprox, and Naprosyn.Imitrex and naproxen sodium work differently. Trexima combines those tactics to ease migraines in two different ways.Trexima is on the market yet, it has been approved by FDA review.Results of two Trexima trials appear in the April 4 edition of The Journal of the American Medical Association. Together, the trials included 2,956 adult migraine patients.The patients were about 40 years old on average.

Most were white women.The researchers included Jan Lewis Brandes, MD, of Tennessee’s Nashville Neuroscience Group. They split the patients into four groups.The first group got Trexima pills. The second group got Imitrex. A third group got naproxen sodium. The fourth group got an inactive pill (placebo).Patients were told to take their assigned pill when migraine symptoms became moderate or severe during the following six weeks. They noted migraine symptoms and migraine pain in the 24 hours after taking their pill.Trexima “resulted in superior clinical benefits” when compared with Imitrex, naproxen sodium, or placebo, note Brandes and colleagues.In both trials, more patients taking Trexima reported migraine relief two hours after taking their assigned pill and sustained headache relief more than 24 hours after taking the pill.


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