Beware!! This Medication For Hypothyroidism Patients Is Very Dangerous
Hypothyroidism Patients is a disease affects 27 million Americans, eight out of ten of them women. 14 million of hypothyroid patients suffer from Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, an autoimmune condition. Additionally, there were 60,000 cases of thyroid cancer diagnosed last year. This is a disease of epidemic proportions, yet it receives little attention in the media.

Most hypothyroidism patients are prescribed thyroid medication, which can have dire consequences. It is true that when a thyroid imbalance is severe, short-term use of a synthetic medication can be helpful. However, over the long-term, synthetic drugs should not be used to replace natural methods of regulating the Hypothyroidism Patients. These include nutrition, stress reduction and supplementation, particularly with iodine. Sadly, most doctors simply write a prescription for Synthroid, the synthetic medication, while never testing for the underlying issues, such as iodine deficiency.

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