Lymphoma information shows that side effects are health problems that first appear weeks, months or years after treatment has finished.Not everyone gets side effects. The side effects you have depend on which area of the body was treated with radiotherapy. Your doctor should talk to you about possible late effects before you begin treatment.

Dental problems

Lymphoma information shows that radiotherapy to the head and neck can increase your risk of tooth decay later. Have regular check-ups with your dentist and follow their advice to keep your teeth healthy.

Eye problems

Lymphoma information shows that If you’ve had radiotherapy to an area that includes your eyes, you might have dry eyes. This can be a short-term or a permanent problem. Ask your doctor if there are any treatments that could help. You are also at increased risk of developing cataracts (cloudy patches in the lens of your eye that reduce your vision) in the future. Have regular check-ups with your optician as your prescription may change slightly during Lymphoma treatment and for a short while afterwards.

Heart problems

Lymphoma information shows that Radiotherapy can increase the risk of heart problems years later if your heart is in or near the treated area. To minimise this risk, it is sensible to avoid smoking and keep to a healthy lifestyle.

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