Jobs That Make You can Crazy Amount Of Weigh Gain After Bariatric Surgery


Have you been gaining weight but you have no idea why? You might be surprised, but if your job makes you feel stressed out, doesn’t allow you to get enough sleep, and requires you to sit down for hours, then it can be the cause of your weight gain after surgery. In fact, your job can be responsible for your weight gain because weight management is often affected by three key factors: your stress level, the amount of activity that your job permits, and your sleep schedule.

How Your Job Makes You Gain Weight:

Stress:Many factors can lead to stress in the workplace such as having too much or not enough work, having unpleasant interactions with coworkers, or having a job that takes a toll on your emotions. It’s very common for people to turn to food as a way to cope with stress in these working environments.

Unfortunately, when you’re stressed you probably don’t crave fruits and vegetables, but sugary, salty, and fatty foods because they are comforting. Studies find that these types of foods can be addictive because they make you feel good and you crave them more when you’re stressed. Over time, eating many high-sugar and high-fat foods can lead to excessive weight gain after surgery and may affect your metabolism and the hormones that regulate appetite.


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