Gastric Sleeve Complications & Side Effects – The 5 Most Common Issues


As with any surgical procedure, potential risks and Gastric Sleeve Complications can occur. Although these problems rarely happen, it’s important to know the facts.If you’re considering sleeve gastrectomy surgery, we encourage you to attend a bariatric and metabolic surgery informational seminar hosted by a trained surgeon.Possible post-surgery Gastric Sleeve Complications. One or all of the following conditions and complications are possible following all types of bariatric and metabolic surgery procedures, as well as all types of bariatric and metabolic procedures.

Potentially serious complications:Gastric Sleeve Complications
  • Perforation of stomach/intestine or leakage, causing peritonitis or abscess
  • Internal bleeding requiring transfusion
  • Severe wound infection, opening of the wound, incisional hernia
  • Spleen injury requiring removal/other organ injury
  • Gastric outlet or bowel obstruction


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