Avoid These Dangerous Foods With Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Diet


It’s important to avoid certain foods on a post-bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Diet to get the appropriate amount of nutrition and to lose weight.After you go home from the hospital, you will be instructed to follow a diet after having surgery. This can be quite different from a pre- Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery diet. During the first few months of your recovery from surgery, you will work your way up from consuming liquids to solid foods. Some bariatric surgery patients make the mistake of thinking that once they are free to eat solid food, they can have whatever they like. Here are eight foods to avoid after Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery:

1) Food with Empty Calories:Since your stomach is about the size of a walnut after bariatric surgery, you will need to get enough daily nutrition by making wise Weight Loss Surgery Diet choices. A Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery diet means avoiding foods that provide little or no nutritional value. This includes pastries, candy, chips, pretzels, rice cakes, and popcorn. If you eat these foods, you may end up undernourished or gaining back your weight. Foods loaded with sugar or that are fried can lead to a condition called “dumping syndrome,” in which these foods are dumped in the colon quickly after you eat them. Dumping syndrome causes weakness, cold sweats, nausea, and possibly vomiting and diarrhea.


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