When You’re Made to Feel Guilty for Having Endometriosis #3 Is Important

When You’re Made to Feel Guilty for Having Endometriosis #3 Is Important

Why should I feel guilty about something I can’t control? That’s what part of my mind says. But the part that actually controls my feelings completely overrides that. Endometriosis This is in part due to experiences I’ve had that have made me feel guilty, whether the feelings were actually warranted or not. Individuals with chronic illnesses shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about their conditions.

We are made to feel guilty for being in pain.

When I was diagnosed with endometriosis, my primary care physician (PCP) willingly took charge of my pain management regimen because she knows enough about endometriosis to understand it can be a very painful condition. But then there was a week earlier this year when everything got messed up. For reasons I still don’t know, my doctor never got the message that I needed a refill on my medication. It took two more days and speaking to three more people to get the message to my physician that at this point, I was completely out of pain medication (I had even put the request in early to prevent this). My pain skyrocketed almost to the point of requiring a visit to the emergency room. Upon talking to a nurse practitioner about the problem, she said the refill may have been rejected by my physician because pain meds can only be filled every 30 days.*Clears throat, throws on white lab coat.


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