A Miracle Drug Treatment For Endometriosis Patients


“Current treatments also have side effects on other tissues through which estrogens work, and so they can’t be taken forever,” he said. “There also is unfortunately a high rate of recurrence of the disease.”The new compounds for Endometriosis Symptoms Treatment, OBHS (oxabicycloheptene sulfonate) and CLI (chloroindazole), interact with two types of estrogen receptors (ER-alpha and ER-beta, respectively). Each drug reduced the size of endometriotic tissue or prevented its growth outside the uterus in mice.

Each also reduced inflammation and suppressed the development of new neurons and blood vessels that support the misplaced tissue. The treatments did not reduce fertility or the health of young pups born to mouse mothers that had undergone the therapies.The compounds had similar positive effects in human endometriotic cells that were grown in culture with human immune cells, called macrophages, which can contribute to the inflammation and growth of endometriotic tissue.


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