A Miracle Drug Treatment For Endometriosis Patients

A Miracle Drug Treatment For Endometriosis Patients

New Drug Compounds For Endometriosis Symptoms Treatment:

Two new drug compounds for Endometriosis Symptoms Treatment – one of which has already proven useful in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis – appear to be effective in treating endometriosis, a disorder that, like MS, is driven by estrogen and inflammation, scientists report in Science Translational Medicine.

The researchers hope to eventually use the new compounds for Endometriosis Symptoms Treatment and others like them to treat a variety of disorders linked to estrogen signaling and inflammation: endometriosis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory breast cancer, liver fibrosis, and cardiovascular and metabolic problems associated with obesity, for example.The team tested the new compounds in a mouse model of endometriosis (en-doh-mee-tree-OH-sis) and in human endometriotic cells. Both compounds for Endometriosis Treatment interact with estrogen receptors, signaling proteins that regulate the activity of many genes.


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