Early COPD Symptoms Ignored By Doctor And Patient Must Know

Early COPD Symptoms Ignored By Doctor And Patient Must Know

Could you have COPD?

More than 11 million Americans have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to the American Lung Association. Another 12–24 million may have the condition without realizing it. Could you be one of them? It’s not always easy to tell. Some of the Copd Symptoms are similar to those of other conditions. When Copd Symptoms first occur, some people ignore them, thinking they’re related to something less serious.  How can I tell?

How do I determine if it’s COPD?

Current or former smokers or people who’ve had frequent exposure to other irritants are at risk for developing COPD. These irritants can include:

  • secondhand smoke
  • air pollution
  • workplace fumes
  • sawdust or other aerosolized particles

Your doctor will give you a physical exam and order tests to determine if you have COPD. The tests include lung function tests to measure your breathing. The tests can also help rule out other conditions. Only a doctor can diagnose COPD, but there are some Copd Symptoms to watch for.


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