Deadly Mistakes That Can Worse Lupus Diseases Patients Must Avoid

Deadly Mistakes That Can Worse Lupus Diseases Patients Must Avoid

Information on Lupus shows that Lupus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease where the immune system targets healthy organs and tissues of the body mistakenly. All organs of the body can be affected including the brain, skin and even blood vessels. The signs and symptoms of lupus often last longer than six weeks when a patient has a flare and sometimes may last several years.People with lupus often have many symptoms mimic common everyday illnesses, but with lupus patients carry a much higher risk of permanent damage. Some of the most common side effects of lupus are:


Information on Lupus shows that  a constant low grade fever that doesn’t go over one hundred and one degrees is usually not only a sign that someone may have lupus, but that the body perceives an infection. When fevers occur it’s usually because the immune system has determined that an infection is present that it needs to fight, a raised temperature is an indication of a raised white cell count. Because the white blood cells are the soldiers of the immune system that fight invaders and lupus is an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack healthy organs mistakenly, a consistent fever is often a sign of the presence of lupus