Latest Cerebral Palsy Treatment Wins FDA Approval

Great News!!! New Cerebral Palsy Treatment Wins FDA Approval

While many doctors prefer that children with cerebral palsy work through their therapy in non-medicinal ways, there are some conditions with the disorder that medications decrease the severity of –if even for a temporary amount of time. While these cerebral palsy drugs should never be something prescribed over a long period of time, they may be something that children find relief in for a therapeutic period.


Diazapam’s most common cerebral palsy drug  name is Valim. Diazapam is primarily used for totally body relaxation, preventing the body from spasticity and from contractions. It’s also used to treat anxiety and acute alcohol withdrawal, it works by producing a normal bodily chemical called gamma-Aminobutric acid (GABA) which has a very calming effect on the muscles.