15 Annoying Body Problems and Its Effects After Bariatric Surgery


Body Problems and Its Effects After Bariatric Surgery:

Nowadays, After bariatric surgery patient suffers a serious global health problems. The popularity after bariatric surgery is on the rise. According to the World Health Organization, overweight is fifth leading cause of death leading to over 2.8 million deaths annually.This article reviews and summarizes dermatological complications and deficiencies, risks and complications on skin, hairs and nails after bariatric surgery. Sudden loss of weight after bariatric surgery has a negative impact on various body systems and organs, especially on the skin, hair and nails.

Symptoms After Bariatric Surgery:

The symptoms occur due to deficiencies in vitamins , the depletion in iron and zinc levels, as well as the low levels of some essential proteins associated after bariatric surgery. These are all essential elements for skin health and the healthy growth of hair and nails. Symptoms involves:

  1. Obesity Risk Factor
  2. Risk of Manipulation of Tissues
  3. Skin Structure and Function
  4. Several Dermatoses
  5. Hair Loss


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