Living With Stage 4: The Metastatic Breast Cancer No One  Understands

Living With Stage 4: The Breast Cancer No One Understands

Are You Living With Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Quality of life is important to everyone with an illness, but for those with advanced or metastatic breast cancer there is a particular spectrum of needs that affect well being. Some of these relate to healthcare, such as managing the symptoms of the advanced breast cancer, the side-effects of the treatment, and anxiety and depression. Patients with advanced breast cancer also have other needs, which include effective communications with health professionals, emotional support from family and friends, and practical support to enable them.

Do You Know Goal of This Article?

Women with advanced  or metastatic breast cancer comprise one of the largest groups to face these issues.The main goal of treating advanced or metastatic breast cancer, meaning the disease has spread well beyond the breast — was to keep a woman comfortable. But a lot has changed in the past decade. Now treatment can help many women live longer, better, and disease-free for periods of time.


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